Impulse Theme - Pre order button when out of stock

Impulse Theme - Pre order button when out of stock

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How do I add a pre order button to my products when out of stock

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Hi, Naturalcurisme, I was unable to view your store.

Have you gotten this solved?

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You need to enable this checkbox to show pre order button for the items that are sold out



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Button does not show to pre order

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Hi there,


Shopify by default allows you to "Continue selling when out of stock", but doesn't have the functionality to show the pre-order or back order button on your Catalog/Product pages.

A few ways to do this:

- Hire a dev to code it into your theme.

- Purchase a theme that has pre-order functionality built-in.

- Install a pre-order app like ours (Early Bird).


Assuming the Impulse theme doesn't have pre-order functionalities, using an app would be the most straightforward solution.


Step by step to add a pre-order button for your out of stock products, via our app:


  1. Set up a Pre-order campaign
  2. Choose the products you want to show the pre-order button for
  3. Choose to allow your customers to pay in full now, or pay a partial deposit first (with discounts, if you'd like)
  4. Select expected fulfilment/shipping date to display to your customers (A specific date or just set as ASAP/Not sure yet)
  5. The products you've chosen will now have the "pre-order" label shown on the Catalog page, and the pre-order button replacing your Add To Cart/Buy Now buttons
  6. Everything will revert to normal (i.e. in-stock) at the end of your pre-order campaign date you've selected.

If you prefer to simply just show a back order button automatically when your products go out of stock:


  1. Choose to enable back order for your entire catalog, or only for specific products
  2. Choose to exclude any products from showing the "back order" label on the Catalog page, and the back-order button on the Product page
  3. Save and activate your back order settings, done!

Let me know if you have any other questions.