Impulse Theme - Submenus open by default on Mobile drawer menu

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I would like to know if there is an easy way to have mobile drawer submenus open by default on Impulse theme.


As in the image below


This is what I would like to have it look like when the menu is open, without needing to click on the arrow to open the submenus.


Thank you

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  1. Access the code editor for your Impulse theme. This can typically be done through the theme customization options in your e-commerce platform.

  2. Locate the JavaScript file that controls the mobile menu functionality. In the case of the Impulse theme, the file is likely named theme.js or something similar. Look for the file that handles the opening and closing of the mobile menu drawer.

  3. Open the file and search for the code that controls the submenu behavior. This code is responsible for toggling the visibility of the submenus when the user clicks on the arrow icon.

  4. Modify the code to ensure that the submenus are open by default. You can do this by removing or modifying the lines of code that toggle the visibility of the submenu elements. The exact changes will depend on the specific implementation in your theme.