In products can you run a report/ know how many items you have ?

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So I have been adding products via csv files, and the products are from different vendors. I was wondering if there was a handy dandy way to know/ run a report for how many items I have for each vendor? For example if I were creating a lending library and wanted to know total number of books from one vendor, is there a way that I can gather this information other than sorting products by vendor and then manually counting what’s there?



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Hi @CompassJW

Once you have sorted your products by vendor from the products page, you could click "export" in the top right hand corner. When you do this, it will tell you the number of products that matched your search. This will be faster than counting manually. 

Furthermore, from the export pop-up window, you can select "X products matching your search" and export these products to a CSV. This will give you a detailed, and compiled list of only the products from the vendor that you selected. 

Let us know how this goes!

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Hi @CompassJW - have you tried the BeProfit Profit Tracker app? You can see the total number of orders per vendor and even filter for specific vendors on your Products page to get a total count of products from each of your vendors.

That said, we don't currently have a report set up for this specific data point, though our support team regularly turns feature suggestions into app improvements. Give it a go and if the app doesn't do exactly what you want, let us know and we'll do our best to make it happen for you!


Hey there @CompassJW,

If this is a report you need to run on a regular basis and if you're open to using an app, our app EZ Exporter could help make this process easier for you.

We already have a pre-built template called "Product Summary by Vendor" which already groups the product data by the vendor field and gives you the total number of products and variants for each vendor.  You can modify the report further to include additional data or remove those you don't need.

If you need a more detailed product report by vendor, you can also configure multiple templates with a filter configured for the vendor to generate separate product detail reports by vendor.

You can schedule the export to run automatically as well and have the CSV/Excel file sent to you via email or to Google Drive, Google Sheets, Dropbox, etc.

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Hi @CompassJW - Report Pundit has the option to summarize the products(Books) for each vendor for a specific date range. The report can be further filtered by each vendor, product type, etc. You can also sort the reports by units sold, vendor, etc.

Our team can create custom reports unique to your business.

Feel free to reach me at for help in creating reports.

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Hi there - our free app Report Toaster can do this for you. Please feel free to take a look and then contact us via chat and we can help you create the report. Thanks!