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Hi my site speed is very low  34. I need to increase the speed and have no idea how to do it. Can some one help me with this? 

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Hi @Terri-P,

I completely understand a concern you might have with site speed, but I don't think it's something to worry about too much unless it is very low! My store site speed is only 35 too. In saying that though, it definitley doesn't hurt to improve it if you can. There are some features you can control when it comes to site speed and these are the things you can look into: 

  • Apps - If you have any apps in your store that you're not using, removing them could improve your site speed
  • Themes - The same applies for any extra themes you might have added in your store. An example of this could be file sizes. 
  • Theme or App features - This would be any additonal lingering features from an an app or a theme such as a pop-up. 
  • Complex or inefficient code if any was added - If not then nothing to worry about there, but these could be a little trickier if you're not comfortable with code. 
  • Images and videos - Larger high res images and videos are always a culprit for slow loading, even with social media! But if you have any extra images or larger ones, this could cause the site speed to slow a little. If you feel this is something causing it for you, the content team wrote a blog post which goes into more detail for it here

There are also some other factors which you can't control such as:

  • Customer's device network and location
  • Shopify Infrastructure
  • Browser cache 
  • Code snippets such as {% content_for_header %} for Shopify. 

There is a guide which goes into all of these in more depth here. Other than store speed, how is the rest of your store going? 

Nick | Community Moderator @Shopify 

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