Input on how to remove the buy it now, add a "Call For Pricing" option without price

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Hi all, 

Within my shopify store, I am looking change the exisiting product pages (for all of my high ticket Originals paintings) to "Call for pricing" without the buy it now button. 

The collection page I am referring to is here:

a few of the product pages where I would like to apply this change to are here


When I try to take off the price it says not available for sale or sold out. I do not want this I just want them to be able to look at the page on separate product pages without the price showing. 

My theme is Molla

Any feedback would be appreciated. 




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Hi @msavvy1 

This is surely doable and can be leveraged by tagging a specific product with a unified tag that would then change the logic when the product in question is rendered. However, this would require a custom logic development, as such we invite you to send us an e-mail so that our team can get in touch and assist you with that as fast as possible.


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