insert the words present in the order TAGS into the "new order" emails

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Hi everyone,

I was trying to insert the words present in the order TAGS into the "new order" emails.

I'll explain. I installed Buunto to give customers the opportunity to choose the desired delivery date of the ordered product. In Shopify orders this information appears in the form of a TAG in the TAG section.

I tried to change the code of the new order notification emails but nothing appears.

I did it this way:

<table class="row">
<strong>Delivery date and comments</strong>
{{ current_tags }}

Did I do something wrong?

Thanks a lot to everyone

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If you want to show all of the order tags, use {{ tags }} 




The tags variable is an array, so you can also filter and pluck from it, for example:


{% for tag in tags %}
  {% if tag contains "Some text that is partial in a tag" %}
    This shows that tag: {{ tag }}
  {% endif %}
{% endfor %}


That would help you to show a tag only if it contains some specific text.


Reference for working with loops:


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Thanks Joes for your reply! first of all happy new year! I have read the documentation and tried different ways, unfortunately I cannot make the order tags appear in the field I created in the email reporting a new order. I apologize but I'm not familiar with programming and I don't understand what I have to do.