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Hey y’all! I’m new here, I’m struggling with how to enter this info in for my customers. I sell rope names and charge per letter. How would I set that up on my website for my customers to choose letters 1-10 or more along with having a spot for them to provide me with the name they want made.  Please help 😅 thank you!!

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To customize your product for customers,  There are many ways to achieve your goal.

1. There are many public apps on shopify app store for you to choose

2. If you understand the theme code well, you can do it yourself by refering to this video


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Hi @Midwesternlasso,

You can utilize the Easify Product Options app to incorporate a text field where customers can input their names (using the Text Box option type), with the option to apply a charge per letter. Here's a quick example 🤗:

  • Storefront:




  • Simple settings:




Feel free to share your specific requirements, and I can guide you through the setup process. Alternatively, you can reach out to the Easify team directly via the in-app live chat for personalized assistance.

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