Is it possible to add a 3 image scrolling banner on Dawn theme?

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Hello, I am looking to add 3 scrolling images to my banner on the Dawn theme.  I have the following code, but not sure where to put it. 


<div id="scrolling-banner" class="scrolling-banner">
<div class="scrolling-images">
<img src="URL_TO_YOUR_IMAGE_1" alt="Image 1">
<img src="URL_TO_YOUR_IMAGE_2" alt="Image 2">
<img src="URL_TO_YOUR_IMAGE_3" alt="Image 3">

.scrolling-banner {
overflow: hidden;
position: relative;
width: 100%;

.scrolling-images {
display: flex;
animation: scroll 10s linear infinite;

@keyframes scroll {
0% {
transform: translateX(0%);
100% {
transform: translateX(-100%);


Help is greatly appreciated!  Thank you🤗

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You can add the section called 'Custom Liquid' and save the code there @CostonLabs 

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I think that's a good question. A banner with only 2 scrolling images often isn't enough, and I really wish I could find a solution. However, it doesn't seem to work the way it is currently. would really appreciate it.