Re: Is it possible to have 2 different themes for mobile/desktop

Is it possible to have 2 different themes for mobile/desktop

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Hello, I'm working on a new theme for a client. My client wants to test how the new theme performs on desktop, but keep the old theme on mobile as they first want to see how it performs on desktop. Is something like this possible?

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Hello @JorensM 

Another solution to achieve different themes for desktop and mobile versions of a Shopify store is by using a theme switcher app. There are several third-party apps available on the Shopify App Store that allow you to set up different themes for different devices.

Here's how you can use a theme switcher app:

  1. Choose a theme switcher app: Visit the Shopify App Store and search for "theme switcher." Explore the available options and choose an app that suits your needs and has good reviews.

  2. Install and configure the app: Install the chosen theme switcher app and follow the app's instructions to set it up. Typically, you will need to configure the app by selecting which theme to display for desktop and mobile devices.

  3. Set up the themes: Once the app is configured, you'll need to create and customize two separate themes—one for desktop and one for mobile. You can duplicate your existing theme and make the necessary modifications to each version.

  4. Assign themes to devices: In the app settings, specify which theme should be displayed for desktop users and which theme should be displayed for mobile users. The app will automatically detect the device and load the appropriate theme accordingly.

  5. Test and publish: After setting up the themes and assigning them to devices, thoroughly test both versions to ensure they are functioning as expected. Once you are satisfied with the results, you can publish the themes using the app.

Using a theme switcher app gives you more flexibility and control over the themes for different devices. It allows you to create distinct experiences for desktop and mobile users while keeping the ability to switch between themes easily.

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