Is it possible to move the "SOLD OUT" badge to where the price is and lower sold out items opcaity.

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I have attached an example of how it looks and how id like it to look below.

1. Id like to remove the SOLD sticker for sold out products from the top right of the image collections page. (Im pretty sure i can remove the sticker but left it here for reference or incase its all done at once)

2. I'd like it to instead say SOLD in the collections page where the price used to be in the same font size and type as the price (not in product page) 

3.Id also like to reduce the opacity to say 50/60% of sold out images on collections pages. See images.


Theme is the latest DAWN and website is


Any geniuss out there can help me make this possible id hugely appreciate it.



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I can help you with that


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Hello @record28-2 

Yes through a theme customization because the .card__badge is in .card__inner container the upper part of the product card UI , so you can't just position it with CSS bandaid to move it to the bottom part.

And style it to make sure it displays in the context of things like slider components.



If you need this customization then contact me by mail for services contact info in signature or click here to mail me.
ALWAYS please provide context, examples: store url, theme name, post url(s) , or any further detail in ALL correspondence.

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