Is it possible to put product collection name in staff emails (body/title)?

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Hi all,


I am looking for a way to add product collection name to the title and/or body of a staff notification email. Essentially, we separating B2B accounts by collection and would love a way to identify which group has ordered from the email inbox at a glance.


I tried putting {{ }} in the title but it doesn't seem to work.

Any and all insight would be greatly appreciated.

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The liquid object for collection name is {{ collection.title }}




You could try that, it might work depending on where you're putting in. If you're talking about modifying the default Shopify notification emails (order notification, shipping, etc), here are the available variables you can use:


If it turns out you need a more advanced solution with the ability to customize, or you're wanting to send different emails to different people based on the order contents and the products they're in, Order Automator does that and a bunch of other stuff.

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