Is it possible to show two price by doing this?

Is it possible to show two price by doing this?

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I'm trying to show another price with tag "membership price" as in the picture by adding custom liquid section but the problem is when I select another variant, the membership price is not change. Do you have an idea where should I fix or should I change to other better solution?


Thank you.

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you can use tags for this, but have work to do. 
first you can define the discounted price concider as % (or fixed value such as every variant price get discount of -10USD) value . like 10% discount for membership. and add tag like membership_10 , and read that tag split it (_) and get the right side value (10) and each time change the variant , using JS calculate the price and show it in the view.


or you can create multiple tags combining variant option or title, like 15.2g with 20" , we can create tag like 15-2-20_20 (this can concider as % value or fixed) using JS you can catch this value from tags, and read the selected variant title or options values and show the discounted price as member 


Thats all i can think in this time.

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