Is there a function like this? (Restaurant/Cafe Menu Function)

Is there a function like this? (Restaurant/Cafe Menu Function)

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I am recently building a website for my client. The client is asking if there's a function for them to publish their menu, and they can easily add/delete/switch items between visible and invisible.


They had this feature with WIX before and would like to continue the function with Shopify if possible.

Please let me know if Shopify provides a similar function as above.


Thank you in advance 🙂

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Hi, I think items on the menu are the products in the restaurant, and the function of adding/deleting and switching items between visible and invisible is similiar to managing the products. Maybe you can try from this approach? I hope this is helpful for you.

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Hi @limelime, a little late to the party here, but there is now a new app called Menulog that allows you to build your own restaurant menu layout from the products that you have created in your store. That way you can a have a beautiful menu, compatible with your store theme and updated in real time. 

You can simply follow these steps:
1. Install the Menulog app.
2. Create a new page for your menu. Add the app block to that page.
3. Select the collection that you want to display on your menu, customize fonts and colors and you are done! You can also include more app blocks for the other sections in your menu to create a multi section menu.
Try it out 😉