Is there a simple way to add customer notes on product pages?

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Can I add a text field for customers to add notes on the product page? I am doing personalized items, and I'd like to have a title for the text box and a text box, so customers can provide certain information on how they want the products to look as part of the personalization process. I am using the Minimal theme. This seems simple, but any app that includes a text box also includes a lot more, all for a lot of money, at least that I could find. 

Thank you!

P.S. I know the grammar is terrible. I'm tired.

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I would need this feature also


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I switched over from Etsy and I really miss this option PLSSSSS

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We would also greatly benefit from a product page-specific customer notes field. Can you please add my name to the list as well? Any updates on this?


Thank you so much!

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I would definitely like to be added as well 

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Please Add me to the list as well!

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I'm not sure whether this solves your problem, but it's worth a try:

1. In your Shopify Admin go to: online store > themes > actions > edit code
2. Find Sections > product-template.liquid 
3.a. Paste the code below (found on step 3.b) wherever you prefer. On the Debut theme, I have pasted it above the ATC button.

To find the ATC button, you typically want to search for "submit" (with the quotes included). In some themes it can also be in a different file.


3.a. Here is the code you need to paste above the button:


                        			<div class="customDescription line-item-property__field">
              <label for="custom_description">Notes</label>
              <textarea id="custom_description" name="properties[Notes]"></textarea>

                  max-width: 100%;
                  width: 100%;
                  margin-bottom: 20px;
                .customDescription > *{
                  max-width: 100%;
                  width: 100%;

                .customDescription > textarea{
                  min-height: unset !important;
                  height: 100px;
                  max-height: unset !important;


The value 20px is the bottom spacing, you can adjust it to your liking.

Here is a live demo of how the end result looks like.

I'm not sure whether this is what you guys are looking for but I hope it helps.

Kind regards,

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Although I am using a Brooklyn theme, I could add the text box and adjust the size of it on the product page (As I couldn't find  'submit' I have added the codes after the 'quantity')

Best Regards


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Hi there, thanks for sharing this. It doesn't seem to be working for our theme. We're using Prestige. Any idea how to add this on this theme? We followed the steps you've outlined here, but the box doesn't appear anywhere. Your help would very much be appreciated. Thanks.

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Personalization is in high demand adding a title and box to type a note for a product should be standard issue for any theme. Please add my name to the list.

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Thank you so much for this solution!

This worked for me and I was able to create an alternate product template with a notes field.

My question is what happens to the note after the order is placed? I ran a test order with notes added to the new field and the note did not appear in the order.