Is there a way I can bulk upload ALT text to images etc on my shopify site?

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Good Morning, 


I am just wondering if anybody is aware of a way I can bulk upload ALT text to images etc on my site? I have a lot of images across my site and have realised I haven't input ALT text as I have gone along so this is now missing from everywhere - is there an easy way for me to do this aside from going back through every single image etc?



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Thank you in advance,



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Bulk CSV import,Ima... 


Or use an app like ez-exporter, or matrixify , or automation tools 


An alternative if you've sanely named your images for accessibility and SEO is to customize a theme to use the filename in liquid for the alt-text output. Useful path if there's ALOT of products and it will take some time for someone to backfill all the alt-text. Or just set the all text to the product.title, or the first sentence of the product.description , etc.

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Hi @Endlessretro 


Renars here from Matrixify app.
Thank you for suggesting the use of Matrixify for this @PaulNewton 


Following the previously linked tutorial you sure can bulk Update Image Alt Text.

There you can also export the alt text and see other basic image details such as links and dimensions.


I hope that this helps, if you need assistance with this task using Matrixify app, please reach out to our support directly.

Matrixify | Bulk Import Export Update | |
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Am I correct in understanding that the bulk export/import would only pull in product images and not others?

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Hey there, @Endlessretro!


That's a great question, and I'm glad to hear that you want to add alt text to your images. It is a great inclusion from an accessibility standpoint, and it can also help with your store's SEO. 


The easiest way to bulk upload alt text to all images is by using an app. You can find the full list of apps here, but here are some popular ones:



I also wanted to share this blog post that includes some alt text tips, as well other image optimization strategies:



I hope this information is helpful! 

Greta | Shopify 
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Hi Endless,

Rich here from I would personally avoid using simple bulk alt text. Old school non-ai alt text apps typically automate the process by inserting generic product titles and variants as image descriptions. This method, while efficient for large catalogs, falls short in providing meaningful context and descriptive detail, especially for users with visual impairments, low internet bandwidth, or image display issues.

Instead, use properly crafted alt text that conveys the basic information about an image but also its context and relevance to the product or the page. It is time-consuming, but I'd recommend our app Caseo AI or which are both A.I powered.