Is there a way to add more variants without creating new products

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In my trial period with Shopify and migrating from Volusion.  My products are available as kits, kinda like going to Domino's app.  Start with size, then choose from crust style, then meats, then cheeses, veggies, crust get the point that each of those options has at least 4 choices and sometimes 14.  So my main product offerings include around 5-10 options, each option having between 3 and 30 choices.


I read where Shopify limits you to only 3 options PER PRODUCT?  Did I actually read that correctly?  If yes, does anyone have a good workaround to allow for more options on each product?  Hopefully, I'm mistaken on what is really going on here.  Thanks in advance.

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You generally need either advanced theme customizations and a specific product information architecture,  or third party apps to simulate  more than 100 options just search the app store for "variant options" "100 variants" etc etc.


In general any options that affect the price, has it's own inventory, or sku,  should be it's own stand alone product with it's variants, any that do not affect the price could just be line-item-properties per product or cart attributes.


Recently bundling was natively added to the platform so this can facilitate some setups, there is also a free app for managing this. But that app may not apply to specific situations needing granular control over choices and custom themes.


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Hi @BrianSTL,

Shopify imposes a restriction of 3 options and 100 variants per product. To surpass this limitation, I recommend exploring the Easify Product Options app (free plan available), which allows for the creation of unlimited product options 🤗. Here's an example of a product with numerous options configured using the app:


If you can provide additional details about your specific product options, I'd be happy to guide you on how to set them up effectively.

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