Is there a way to get tabs from one section to control a flickity slider for another section?

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Hi there,


I have a custom tab section on my site which I'd like the tabs to also control the view of another section. Is this possible? The section I'd like to change according to the tab selected is an Image Slideshow with Text section with flickity buttons.

I've made a screen-recording here which may explain things better:

The page in question can be seen here:

Thanks in advance

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Hello @Aimee50 👋

Based on your explanation, I'm sure that is possible. The way we can do:

- Add a click event listener on the tabs. If the user clicks on a tab, we will trigger a click event on the slider handles also, so it will change slide.


It requires some custom Js code so I recommend finding a developer to do the task. Hope you all the best!

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Hi @ZenoPageBuilder thanks so much for your reply. Unfortunately I've now spent more on this site than I'm going to make so hiring a developer is not an option. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I might do some googling to see if I'm able to add an event listener.

Thanks again!