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We have some rather long product pages due to our product being a technical B2B product.


This leads to a large HTML file. In trying to optimize this, we spotted the below section in the product-template.liquid. This section appears to create a "full copy" of all the product content on our page - meaning it drastically increases our HTML size (from 449 KB to 570 KB). 


We can remove it without seeing any effects on functionality, add-ins etc. However, we are unsure if removing this will damage something on our website, SEO etc. Anyone knows why this is there?


Note that we have Schema markup for our product pages separately. 


{% unless product == empty %}
<script type="application/json" id="ProductJson-{{ }}">
{{ product | json }}
<script type="application/json" id="ModelJson-{{ }}">
{{ | where: 'media_type', 'model' | json }}
{% endunless %}


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