Issue with Decoupling Contact Form and Automated Email Addresses

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Dear Shopify Support Team,


I am encountering an issue where my contact form and order confirmation emails are being sent from the same email address, despite having set different email addresses for these functions in my store's "Store Details."

Specifically, I would like customer inquiries from the contact form to be directed to one email address, while having automated emails (such as order confirmations) sent from a different email address. However, it appears that there is no option to separate these two functionalities.


I have thoroughly searched through various forum threads seeking a solution but have found none that address this specific issue. It seems that this might be either an unavailable feature or one that is not clearly documented.

If this feature is currently not available, I strongly recommend escalating this matter to your engineering team for consideration. The ability to separate email addresses for different types of communication is a fundamental need for efficient business operations.


Thank you for your attention to this matter.

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