Issue with Size Chart Images Not Showing Consistently on Storefront

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We've encountered an inconsistency with the display of size chart images on our storefront and need assistance in resolving this matter.

Our product descriptions include a picture of a size chart, which is essential for our customers to make informed purchasing decisions. However, we've noticed that these size chart images are often not showing up on our store, despite being present in the product descriptions.

Upon investigating the issue further, we discovered that for the faulty pictures, the link in the source code directs us to a faulty Shopify website. This has led us to question the origin of these images and whether our handling of them could be the root cause of the problem.

Initially, the size chart images were included in our product pictures. Subsequently, we copied these images and pasted them into the product descriptions. After doing so, we removed them from the original product pictures.

Our concern is whether this process of copying and pasting the images from the product pictures to the description has resulted in the malfunction of the size chart images. However, it's perplexing to note that this same process has been applied to products where the size chart images are still functioning correctly.

We would greatly appreciate your insight into this issue and any guidance you can provide to ensure consistent display of size chart images across our storefront.


Thanks in advance! 

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