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It May Be That the Customer Asks

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Because he doesn't really have all the money needed to pay for the product, or he just asks, because he has the habit of doing that. What a business owner needs to consider is what the value proposition is email list the product or service offers. After that, before receiving a discount request, demonstrate that value to the customer. Work on sales arguments so that your customer understands this during the service. Identify what he will gain by doing business with you.


Or else indicate what he will lose, ie the cost of not buying. Check out in this article a sales technique called Spin Selling. This is a very effective method to get closer to the customer during the conversation, making him realize the need to solve the problem with the solution that your company sells. It will help build the customer's perception of value. The Importance Of The Audience.


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You Attract If your business suffers from daily requests for discounts, it may be that you are attracting the wrong audience. This audience that doesn't fit the solution you offer may be asking for a discount, because they don't really have enough money to pay for the product or service. Furthermore, these people may not perceive value in your solution, as we saw in the previous paragraphs.

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