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Hello, is it possible to have a note under the title of the product on the product page that shows how many active carts there are? I don't want it track the live carts, I want it to show a random number between 1-10 of the amount of carts to create scarcity. I have provided a photo to further illustrate. I want it on this product page if possible IMG_3727.jpg

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Please share the theme name.

OR you can add this text in product.liquid file



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Hello, the theme is Shrine.

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Hi @Lexi0501 ,

A simpler solution to all your problems is to use our BSS Labels & Badges app. Our App has many functions such as displaying labels/badges/banners/popups, and flexibly customizing the position of labels/badges. In addition, you can upload photos and customize your images, along with many other interesting features

In your case, use the inventory text badge feature combined with a custom selector:

view - 2024-02-06T091622.788.png

You can customize the badge's position anywhere you want with the custom selector. In addition, with inventory badge text, the status of the badge will change directly compared to the quantity in your inventory, thereby displaying the correct badge you desire.

view - 2024-02-06T091652.249.png

Cùng với đó, bạn có thể tùy chọn condition cho badge, bạn có thể hiển thị với tất cả product, theo collection, theo specific product hay cả specific tag

view - 2024-02-06T091723.957.png


view - 2024-02-06T091737.510.png

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