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What I want to do is create a checkbox list of tags for a collection instead of a <ul>

The code I have is this:


{% for tag in collection.tags %}
  {% if current_tags contains tag %}
  <input type="checkbox" checked onclick="window.location='xxx'"; return true;">{{ tag | link_to_remove_tag: tag }}<br>
   {% else %}
   <input type="checkbox"  onclick="window.location='xxx'"; return true;">{{ tag | link_to_add_tag: tag }}<br>
   {% endif %}
{% endfor }


My question is this: what should I replace the 'xxx' with?

I would have assumed that I could use link_to_add_tag but that only returns a fully-formed <a href="foo" title="bar"> link, which obviously won't work.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


-- cmk



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Try this

{{ shop.url }}{{ collection.url}}/{{ tag | handleize }}

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That helps me get the URL for the tag alone, but it doesn't help me add or remove tags from a URL.



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ok, i figured it out. spicy, your code didn't work, it needed to be


{{ tag | replace: ' ', '-' | downcase }}

I didn't have any special characters in my tags, so that works well.


Then I wrote a replacement in javascript for link_to_remove_tag and link_to_add_tag using simple string searches + substitutions along with redirects.

I'll post the full code soon


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{{ shop.secure_url }}/collections/{{collection.handle}}/{{ tag }}+{{ current_tags | join: '+' }}



Use the code above. It'll print the url of the  tag only.

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