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Landing page layout

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Hey everyone, I'm pretty new to Shopify so I would appreciate your help. I need to create a separate page on our existing website for new services for the company. The layout needs to be similar to the landing page with sections (gallery, slideshows,products etc) Can this be done without any coding? Here is the website:

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If you want to create another page on your Shopify website, then you can use the method you used To create the existing landing page. Or, since you want it to have the landing page layout, you can use an app for building landing pages, (shogun recommended). Then build the new page including all the features of the former landing page. 

So, just download and integrate the app if you don't have it already and follow the instructions to build your new page. 

I hope this helps. If you don't want to follow this technique, you can find for other ways here


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