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Hello, I created a site in English and added another language to it, Romanian. For context, I did not use a shopify theme but used g translate as a translations app, so a few products are incorrectly translated. I tried to change them, I exported the csv file, made some changes and imported the csv file back to shopify, did not receive any error, also I am sure that I did everything right since shopify support guided me through the issue but could not solve it. Right now the changes can only be seen when I preview the site in Romanian through shopify->settings->languages(there only my correction is in Romanian the rest is in English, should be entire in Romanian). When I visit the site, like any other customer, the site in English is correct, without my change(as it should be), but when I click the Romanian flag on the upper right corner, the changes are not updated(the site is in Romanian but I still want to correct some errors). Shopify support could no longer help me, also the theme owners maestroo told me and the support that the issue is only shopify related. Would really appreciate if you could try to help me, thank you.

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Hi there,
Jack from OpenThinking here!

It's not clear.


Is your site auto-translated by Google Translate from English to Romanian in real time? 


If that's the case, you can't make changes to Google Translate's output.

You can try to edit the English words in a way that Google translates it the right way in your desired language.

let me know if this works for you. If yes: accept my answer and give me a thumb up! Thank you.

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Hello, thank you very much for your answer. I do not know if g translate does the translations in real time, shopify guides and their support taught me to download the csv file and then import it. They say the problem could be that I have a third party theme and that is why only when I preview the site I can see the translations, a customer for example visiting the site can not see it.