Launch checkout on the same page as the buy button or product page?

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Is it possible to launch/load the checkout process on the same page/window as the product detail page is placed when using the buy button sales channel? Right now the checkout process opens in a new window and i think that is not so comfortable for users/customers.

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Could I know your store URL to take a closer look on this issue?

Richard Nguyen | PageFly CEO
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Hi Richard, the store URL is:

Thank you for checking :)


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To launch the Shopify checkout page on the same window as the buy button or product page, you need to add the following code to the header/footer scripts section of your website.


<script data-shopify-buy-ui=""> = function (open) {
return function (url, name, features) {
// Pass through non-shopify URLS
if (url.indexOf("myshopify") < 0) {
return, url, name, features);
// Use current window
console.log("Redirecting to:", url);
window.location.href = url;
return null;