Layout Distortions on my business site

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Hi everyone,


I'm fairly new to using Shopify and encountered an issue with my new business website- .


 I have noticed that when I try to integrate a third-party app or plugin, it's causing some unexpected layout distortions on certain pages of my site.


I have double-checked the app's compatibility and even tried different ones, but the problem persists. It seems like the app integration is somehow affecting the CSS or layout structure of my Shopify theme.


Has anyone else experienced similar issues when adding third-party apps to their Shopify site? How did you go about resolving this? Are there specific steps I can take to troubleshoot and ensure that app integrations don't disrupt the layout and design of my site?


Any advice or guidance would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you in advance!


Hope to get the solution of my problem here.

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