Layout problem on Dawn OS 2.0

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Hi everyone,

I am currently customising  the Dawn theme and I am facing layout problems. I did changed some lines of codes but I only modified CSS and didn't touch to the liquid tags. When I search for products and a lot of results show up, there is no problem product cards appear as expected but when only 1 or 2 product appear, for a reason or another the product card appear very small and I don't know what's causing this.


1 results1 results2 results2 resultsmany resultsmany results

feel free to take a look at it:


Thanks in advance for your help


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First verify this isn't a pre-existing bug, install and then preview a new copy of the problem theme using the exact same reproduction steps.

For dawn if it's pre-existing raise an issue on the Dawn repo with reproduction steps .

In the future when reference page bugs in screenshots be courteous of others time and provide direct urls and don't make others hunt and peck through screenshots to figure out reproduction terms in search.


If  not a pre-existing bug you may just be missing something like a width:100%; somewhere or relevant class name on the search results container.

Otherwise you should do a file compare of current CSS file and any backups to try and localize the cause.


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