Left alignment of Menu items in the hamburger menu & accommodating 5 products in 1 row

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Hello Team, 

My store is www.blisskare.com and I am using Narrative theme.

1. It shows hamburger menu at the top by default - is there a way to see my menu items horizontally like we see on amazon.com e.g. 

Men             Women            Home              Patio                 Pets                 Electronics


2. When I click on the hamburger menu, the items inside are centrally aligned - could you please make them left aligned?

3. In my collection, I can see only 2 products in a row - I would like to have 5 products arranged horizontally in each row. Could you please help me with that?

4. Depending on the length of product title, the images of products get misaligned - can I have cushion of including more characters in the product title and still see the product images aligned?

I am sharing screenshots as per my pointers 

4. product images misaligned4. product images misaligned1.  left alignment needed1. left alignment needed3. 5 products in 1 row3. 5 products in 1 row

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