Limit number of products displayed on New Arrivals collection with code

Limit number of products displayed on New Arrivals collection with code

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Hello All,


I would like to update a "New Arrivals" collection to display a maximum of 50 products on the page, rather than the full catalogue within the store, or the maximum that Shopify allows, which is 24.


Everywhere I have looked in the forums and online only suggests an App or a workflow, but this is not ideal as an App would slow down the website further, for something that should be a basic feature, and a workflow would require a specific timeframe in order to remove and update the "New Arrivals" collection, rather than it updating automatically whenever we add a new product to the site.


I have looked into main-collections-list.liquid and main-collections.liquid but have had no luck in finding the line of code which would allow me to only display a maximum of 50 products.


Would anyone know how to do this via coding for this specific page? I do not want this for all collections.


The website can be found here.


I appreciate any help.

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Hey @Toptoys2uHS,

I cannot check the liquid code for your theme, but however as an example, this is the Dawn Theme's code.


In the highlighted portion if I change "section.settings.products_per_page" to "50", that works for me. Maybe you should find something that assigns a value to the variable "paginate"

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