Line item properties in Dawn Theme

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this is a great tip! Just installed it and setup a custom field for a product and it works well! thank you so much.

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@akira2 Is your pop-up cart window using the ajax cart template if so, you need to add the following to your ajax code in side the {{#items}} code in here some where {{/items}} .... if it still does not display you need to find the code in your theme.js that build cart items and add properties    i.e. (var prodName = cartItems.title or var itemQty = cartItems.quantity) etc.. and add var prodProps = & add to the item object i.e (  item = { key: cartItem.key, url: cartItem.url, properties: prodProps, }    )


{{#each this}}
{{#if this}}
<span class="ajaxcart__product-meta2">{{@key}}: {{this}}&nbsp;<br></span>