Linking Inventory between multiple products with variants

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I am looking for a way to link the inventory between multiple products with variants.


I have 1 product with 5 color variants, which are also uploaded on the website individually with same respective variants.


How can i manage the inventory in a way where if any color of the dress is sold it is updated across all 5 products / variants.

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Instead of looking to sync inventory, you should go ahead with the bundle product feature.


Create a custom product where all associated products will be visible as variants, user will choose the product and checkout with your existing product.


Hope this could help...

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Can you elaborate a bit on how to do the same?  Thanks !

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Hi @OpapStyle For custom sync scenarios see the automation app mechanic 


In some case this problem can be sidestep through theme customization where presentation items are swapped for specific inventory items right before checkout starts.



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