Linking products together in Shopify

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Hi guys, 

I have the following problem - I want to create different variant links through which you can switch between different individual products when selecting a different color. Shopify already offer the option of adding variants to an individual product, but I'm looking for a solution where you actually go to a different productpage. 

The thing is that we have a t-shirt (called The Active Tee) in four different colors - Blue Steel, Cream, Army Green and Off Black. We want to set these configurations up as 4 individual products: The Active Tee Blue Steel, The Active Tee Cream, The Active Tee Army Green and The Active Tee Off Black. An example of this can be found here:

I found this article that offers a solution for this: I added the prefix _alt_ tags to the products, but when I added the code mentioned in the article, nothing happened on my product page. The productpage can be found here:

I am using the Ira theme and added the code to the product--static.liquid. I'm pretty sure that is the product template. 

Anyone knows what to do here?

Much thanks in advance!