LIQUID To Make A Section Of "Informative Icons"...

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Hello! I hope you all are okay.
I am writing to the forum to get help on a section that I would like to create on the home page of my store; I would like to be able to create a small section of 3 Icons where each icon can have a short text below each icon, informing people who enter the page of some points that I would like to highlight:
(in the following image I give a reference to what I mean)


2d2887ab-34db-46a3-a488-7fe100cf114a.jpg- The Liquid that is selected is from a code that I made, it turned out as I wanted, but the only problem is that I had not realized that this code modified a part of the web page.

- The space above the selected section (which is similar) is from a Shopify App from which I was inspired to make mine.

- The problem I'm talking about that was caused by the liquid code that I made could also be seen in the image, I'm talking about the "magnifying glass" part of the Search Engine, an "X" was added next to it, I've tried to fix it but honestly I'm not an expert on the subject


*I just want this small section of 3 Icons with their respective text to be below the "Main Image" of my website.


I would like the sections to be as follows in the respective view of each computer:



This view would be for the computer





And this view would be for the Cell Phone




I appreciate any contribution and help

This is my page:

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