List View / Quick Order Form

List View / Quick Order Form

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Dear All,


we are making Wholesale website and I am looking for List View / Quick Order Form, so that customers can buy more quickly.


So can we do this inside Shopify, or do we need to have some plugin? As website is B2B we would need the following criteria:

- Prices are hidden for non-customer (we would like to have only hidden prices and NOT hidden entire page).

- We would need to have Minimum order quantity to work with it.


What are the options?


Thank you.


Best regards,

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Hellow @Justme1 


You can achieve the functionality you're looking for on a Shopify-based wholesale website by using a combination of built-in Shopify features and third-party apps. Here's a breakdown of how you can implement the required features:

1. List View / Quick Order Form

Using a Shopify App:

There are several Shopify apps specifically designed to create a quick order form or list view for wholesale customers. Here are a few popular ones:

  • Wholesale Order Form & ReOrder by Wholesale Helper: This app allows you to create a quick order form where customers can add multiple products to their cart from a single page.

  • Quick Order by SolverCircle: Provides a fast and efficient way for customers to place orders by listing all products in a grid or list format.

2. Prices Hidden for Non-Customers

To hide prices for non-customers, you can use either a Shopify app or some custom code:

Using a Shopify App:

  • Locksmith: This app allows you to lock down parts of your store based on specific rules, including hiding prices for non-logged-in customers.

Custom Code Approach:

You can also modify your theme's code to conditionally hide prices for non-customers. Here's a basic example:


{% if customer %}
  <!-- Show the price for logged-in customers -->
  {{ product.price | money }}
{% else %}
  <!-- Show a message or hide the price for non-logged-in customers -->
  <p>Login to see prices</p>
{% endif %}


3. Minimum Order Quantity

To enforce a minimum order quantity, you can use an app like:

  • Order Limits (MinMaxify) by MinMaxify: This app allows you to set minimum and maximum limits for products and orders.
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if you don’t need to collect payments and just get orders into the system then works