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How do I list an item that has 50 or more choices i.e. magnets etc. Does each magnet have to have their own listing?  I am just setting up my shop and learning as I go.  I would like to make one listing and than have choices to check or something like that with image for each "saying" of the magnet or whatever.  Is this possible?  I have the dawn theme.  Thank  you.

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To achieve this, you need to do following steps:

  • Navigate to "Products" and click "Add product" to create a new product listing.
  • Enter the product details such as title, description, and images.
  • Scroll down to the "Variants" section.
  • Click on "Add variant" to create a new variant.
  • Enter the option values for your magnets, such as different sayings or designs, in the "Option name" field (e.g., "Saying").
  • Enter the values for each option (e.g., "I love you", "You're the best", "Thank you") in the "Option values" field.
  • Set the price and inventory quantity for each variant as needed.
  • You can also upload variant-specific images if you have different images for each optio
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Thank you for answering me.  I've tried this and I tried it again per your above instructions and I can only get 3 magnets in a listing.  Is this correct or am I doing something wrong.  I am new with building a shop.  

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I did what you said. I was basically doing the same thing but was missing
a step that screwed me up. Thank you for the great instructions.
Now I have another problem. I listed 51 magnets/coasters with 2
variants. When I click preview the product it looks great and shows the
you may also like with more coasters.. Then when I go to shop and click on
coasters there's only 1 listed although it says there are 51 listed and
there's no "you may also like" under it. I must have accidently deleted
something but I don't know what. They all show up under shop/magnets. I
checked the tags and collections and they are there.

What can I do about this? thanks again.

Snarky Junkie