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Live preview not updating but in Theme editor its working

Live preview not updating but in Theme editor its working

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Hello everyone,


(First of all, Sorry for my english)


Since today i got a problem...

My Preview Site is not updating anymore and my Theme Editor looks different than the Preview.. its really annoying because i cant work on my Shop anymore..


I tried to go back to an old Backup, where everything worked fine. But even there the problem happens... The Preview changes to the old Backup, but when i change something on the old Backup, nothing is changing in the Preview.


Here are some Screenshots of Two different Backups - (First Pic. Theme Editor, Second Pic. Preview)

The first both screens are my Theme right now and the other two are a very old Backup - I Blurred unrelevant Texts:

Beweis 1.png

 In the first Picture i wanted to have a small section with pictures... i blurred it

Beweis 2.png

here the pictures are missing and there is a old rich text section which i deleted a long time ago


Older Backup:

Beweis 3.png

here i tested it with adding a rich text section

Beweis 4.png

its not appearing in the preview tho




I already tried clearing cache, changing browser, private browsing etc. -  i already tried some solutions from the community but there was no fix sadly...


I dont know why even the old theme backup isnt working anymore ,because back then, it was.


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I solved it... My Theme is showing the "german" preview which is not connected to my default preview, thats why its not updating... 🙂

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Hey @BlauGrau 


You are in the German community here in case you thought you were in the English one:

And glad you solved it! 😉

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