Live shipping estimator on product page not showing for some states

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I have a client who wants a live shipping estimater on the PRODUCT PAGE. The problem is that he wants only one option 2 day shipping.  He ships fresh frozen stuff so he wants all shipped 2 day. Some states are not showing that option because I think there is a "processing" time or something in the shopify back end that is not allowing some states to show shipping option.   Also, do you have an app that you would recommend for this they have a basic plan and use ship station. 

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Hi @ewestmoreland !


Regarding the 2-day shipping option not showing to some states, I highly suggest that you double check your shipping settings under this States and make sure that the 2-day shipping option is listed. If this shipping option came from a third-party application, reach out to their app developer to further check what is causing this issue. Otherwise, reach out to Shopify support so they can thoroughly check your shipping settings. 


For live shipping estimator on the product page, most of this live shipping estimator apps are shown under checkout though, you can check that full lists and see what works best for you. If none of them worked, then you might need some help from Shopify experts that specializes in theme coding so, they can add the feature that you would like to achieve on your product pages. 

Please let me know if it works by marking it as a solution!
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