Looking for advice on recipe functionality and templates

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I want to have recipes on my website. My business will sell gourmet mushrooms and mushroom-related ingredients. Initially I would post a few recipes to get it started, but then I'd like customers or potential customers to post their own recipes and for my website community to be able to leave ratings/reviews/comments. 


Does anyone have suggestions for the following?


1. How best to implement recipe templates (third-party apps?) and the page to display them (set up as a blog?)

2. I'm currently using the Dawn theme which doesn't have any pre-built recipe template. Should I consider a different template to solve my problem? (My online store isn't live yet, so if I was going to switch templates, now would be the time, but of course I'd rather not.)

3. Or should I just use some other engagement platform linked from Shopify?


Bonus question:

How would I handle having users submit their own recipes in a consistent format that could be automatically applied to my recipe template and uploaded to the recipes section with minimal work on my part?


Thanks everyone!

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Hey there!


I'm a little biased as I run Recipe Kit for Shopify, but regardless I built it to solve exactly the pain point of having to deal with recipe formatting and printing on client stores - doing it manually was not fun hahaha.


Whether you use my app or another, I think it is a great idea to use recipe content as a way to show off your products.


While Recipe Kit doesn't have user submitted recipes right now, this is a feature I've been wanting to add for a while - your mention of it has kicked it up my todo list and I'd like to get started on that in the next few weeks 🙂


My idea for user submitted recipes would be essentially to present them a form on your website that, when submitted, will notify you by email and give you the opportunity to accept or delete the recipe, and edit it accordingly.


It would show up just like any of your other recipes built using Recipe Kit, so nice looking with all the other SEO features and fun stuff 🙂


Apologies, writing this on my phone so don't have time to go into full detail but regardless - I think using recipes like you want to is a great idea. Hope you find a solution that fits for you, and if you try Recipe Kit, let me know and I can help with anything you may need 🙂


Here is the app listing: http://apps.shopify.com/recipe-kit


And website with extra details and example recipes:



Recipe Kit - Easy, beautiful & SEO friendly recipe cards on your Shopify blog posts - https://apps.shopify.com/recipe-kit
Wait.li - Product Waiting Lists for Shopify - https://apps.shopify.com/product-waiting-lists
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Thanks Patrick! Let me know if you add that functionality. That would be a slam dunk!