Looking for Shopify merchants with mobile sales — doing a navigation UX study to increase conversion

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​Hi Shopify folks,

I'd love to have a chat with Shopify store owners that have lot of mobile sales and traffic. I believe to have a design that would increase mobile sales of any Shopify sites. Not using an app or having monthly payments. Just some UX design tweaks to the mobile navigation

What's this about?
The thing I've been considering for a long time, is that as a UX Designer with 10+ years of experience, I find it very likely that the built-in navigation "hamburger" menu (in pretty much all Shopify templates) is a bad user experience for mobile users, will hurt sales, BUT could be massively improved with a few quick CSS edits.

Hidden navigation annoys users, creates bad user experience and will hurt your business
There's a massive number of studies done on web site navigation patterns. Others create a better user experience (and make more sales) and others create a confusing experience and lead to less sales.

For example, the leading UX Consulting company in the world Nielsen Norman Group has concluded that so-called
Hamburger Menus and Hidden Navigation Hurt UX Metrics – in a nutshell using hidden (hamburger) navigation will hurt any company that uses them. Ouch!

The Next web found that
Side drawer navigation could be costing you half your user engagement. This test was done in an app, but the design is similar. Basically, users used the app a lot less with the hamburger navigation.

If you noticed Spotify (not a typo, Shopify the music app) moving to bottom tabs after using the hamburger navigation, they also did a test competing between both designs and noticed a
massive improvement when removing the hamburger navigation.

John Constine asked us to "
Kill The Hamburger Button" with convincing arguments. I kinda agree with John.

The problems of hidden navigation
  • Out of sight, out of mind. Users simply might not click your menu, and won't go to your important sub-pages, like "Shop" -page. So they're more likely to just leave your site.
  • User cannot use menu to see on which page they are. Usually the active page is underlined or different color.
  • Needs more clicks, which is annoying.
Better hamburger icon = more sales
Another thing. There's been several tests that try out different icons, colors and combination for the menu icon.
A better icon has been noticed to actually increase sales. Those studies could indicate that even keeping the hamburger navigation, but just spending a few hours on tweaking the MENU -button to be more recognizable could be an easy way boost sales by designing a better user experience.

What are you after....?
I would like to run a (free of charge) A/B test on few Shopify commerce sites. A/B -testing means designin better navigation, showing that to 50% of your visitors, comparing results with the original and checking which one creates more interactions and sales.

My own ecommerce site has only desktop users so I cannot really test on my own site as they all get the good normal menu.
This would be a free of charge consulting, and is very likely to increase your sales. And we'd all learn something very important.

Why are you doing free work..?
I'm obsessed with user experience design, and instead of debating with people I love to have actual objective data so no one can argue with me I'm now writing an in-depth blog post study on the subject. If the test proves to be a success (which I think is so likely that I'm willing to do some free work to investigate) I'll turn this into a product/service that would increase sales of any Shopify ecommerce site using it.
I'm In.
Curious and interested in (possible, or let's say probably) making more sales applying the almighty UX Design?
– Hit me up at beta[ät]codeandtonic.com

(I hope this is allowed. I'm not selling anything, it's related to Design / UX and I will share all results here for free, so I'd assume it is...)
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