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I have an issue with this page:


I am trying to make the background of the "out mission" and the "Instafeed" wider or change the background color to white so that they won't show the gray field behind. Can anyone help ? tried some basic coding, but it didn't work.

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Hi @Daniel19901 

This is David at SalesHunterThemes.

To fix the problem 

Follow this path:

Themes => edit code => asset => base.css

and add this code to bottom of the file base.css



.section {
position: relative;



To make the InstaFeed section show wider

you can use this code



#shopify-section-template--18294116974890__1695915503365f0307 .page-width{
    max-width: 100%;
    padding: 0;



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David | SalesHunterThemes team


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