Make collage on desktop equal sizes on both sides

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I'm using the craft theme, and on the desktop site, the collages are different sizes, as seen below:


I want them to be equal sizes, like how they are on the mobile site, as seen below: 

Screenshot_20220329-160648_Chrome.jpgHow do I do this? I'm aware that I'll have to change some code, as now the only option to change it on desktop is "left large block" or "right large block". 

My website is

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Hi @elementsofearth ,


You can follow the instruction below:

1. Go to Online Store->Theme->Edit code
2. Asset->/collage.css->paste below code at the bottom of the file:


@media (min-width: 750px){
  .collage {
    grid-template-columns: repeat(2,minmax(0,1fr)) !important;
  .collage__item--right:nth-child(3n - 2) {
    grid-column-start: 1 !important;
  .collage__item--right:nth-child(3n-1):last-child {
    grid-column-start: 2 !important;


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Thanks so much for the reply. That worked perfectly for the first collage on my site, but it didn't apply to all of them, any idea why? Image below


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I'm trying to do the same, but the suggested code had no effect. My theme is unpublished, but that shouldn't matter, should it?