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Hello, I'm having an issue with making product descriptions match. I have custom fonts for my website, but some product descriptions show a different custom font than I want. I'm using Barlow Regular and Jandus Road Condensed, and I want the description to all be Barlow Regular (the first one in the images down below). My theme is Dawn 13.0.0 and website is


Some products (the font I want for descriptions):



Other products:



Sometimes they even have both: 



The code I used to add my custom fonts:


It looks like this in customize mode: 



I would greatly appreciate it if anyone could help me navigate and solve this issue. Thank you.


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Hi @artiisque ,

Please follow the instructions as follows:
Step 1: Access Shopify Admin => Online Store => Edit code

view - 2024-02-20T175500.114.png

Step 2: Find the base.css file in your theme:

view - 2024-02-20T175532.827.png

Insert this CSS code:

.product__description > p  span {
   font-family: 'Barlow Semibold' !important;

It will synchronize fonts for you. I hope this helps you @artiisque  

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