Make my image in collage fit the whole screen in width

Make my image in collage fit the whole screen in width

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Hey, my image in collage fit just part of the screen width, I would like it to fit all of it.
in addition I did some change in the theme code and my header icons looks bad, I would like help with getting them back into normal look but keeping them in the size they are now
Thanks in advance.

store link:

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Hello @Etay56 

Go to online store ---------> themes --------------> actions ------> edit code-------> base.css
and add this code at the very end of your file.


@media screen and (min-width: 750px) {
    .section-template--17736334901479__collage_AYqBXw-padding {
        padding-top: 36px;
        padding-bottom: 36px;
        max-width: 100%;

 and the result will be

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I meant to the top section where there's the collage and the image in it and in mobile view

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Hey @Etay56 


Follow these Steps:

1) Go to Online Store
2) Edit Code
3) Find theme.liquid file

4) Add the following code in the bottom of the file above </body> tag

.page-width {
    margin: 0 !important;
    max-width: 100% !important;




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I forgot to mention, I'm talking about mobile view, I want it to fit the screen width in mobile view.