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Hello Shopify Community,

I am looking for help to change the colours of this section --> : on my store. It is this page --> (the account login page), the side cart (When you click on the cart icon) and any other pages that do not have the correct theme and I am specifically looking to change the highlighted section. I would like the colors to be the ones that are currently on my store which are : f5edd1 - Cream and 51360f - brown. I am using the theme : Refresh 12.0.0

Thank you so much.

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In the custom css in the image you have sent add the following code:


.section {background-color: #f5edd1;} as for the font it need different codes some available in customer.css other in base.css  If you are familiar with code I will send you all the details, if not you can give me collaborator access to fix them for you.

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I am not familiar with code. However, I do learn quickly. Would we be able to set up a zoom?