Making all home page images clickable (collage, multicolumn, image with text) for Colorblock & more

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Hi all,


I was wondering how to make the images clickable. My website is and the pw is love. There are some more things I would like to know.


- removing the chat I accidently added

- upping the first collage on the home page a little towards the header (both already at 0px)

- adding more things to the footer (contact, terms and conditions and all that)

- deleting one of the two "powered by" on the bottom of the page


There's probably a lot more but you'd already be a big help to me.


Thnx in advance

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Hi 👋

You need few code customizations to achieve these changes. If you are looking to hire, please create an account on our website  and you can submit your request from the dashboard.


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Hi @Joostos keep posts to a single issue, glomming multiple things together just makes solving singular issues harder because your topic isn't relevant to a specific thing other  potential contributors could help with so they never even read your post.


Making ALL images be clickable is an advanced theme customization that would require modifying a lot of the theme.

If you added a chat app, just uninstall it.

For adding menu items to the footer read the free manual 

If you need to add things AND change the layout of them that's an advanced theme customization.


Power by , again in the manual 


If you need the advanced customizations built you can contact me by mail for services.
ALWAYS please provide context, examples: store url, theme name, post url(s) , or any further detail.
Contact info in signature.


Good Hunting.

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