Making an image slider for my on product store on the home page at the featured product tab.

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Is it possible to display all the product images on the home page in the featured product box? I want it to look like this:



Now the images are only changing if I pick a different variant which is good. I want this feature to stay (To snap back to the image which variant I have selected). But I also want to enable the option to scroll between all the images and add additional images that are not associated with any product variant. Also, an arrow to scroll between the images would be nice (as highlighted in the image.)


The Website URL is:
Pass: langau


Many thanks in advance.

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Hi @SleekSeam 

As your requirement, you can try this follow my guide: 

Step 1: Go to Sale Channel => Online Store => Theme => Customize: 

view (81).png

Step 2: Click Feature Collections, You can set any product that has many variants for scrolling display (Featured Product Tab)

view (82).png

Step 3: Click Product information, in tab Destop layout, Mobile Layout, you choose "Thumbnail"

view (83).png

And the result like the picture: Your store will enable the option to scroll between all the images.

view (84).png

I think you don't need to use the arrow to switch between images because you can pick a different variant easily.

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Hello @BSS-Commerce ,


I believe I didn't make myself clear enough. I am attaching an image showing where I want the slider to be present.

The screen shot is taken on my homepage, and the product is shown here with the featured product.




Thank you in advance!