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I am having a few issues with my mega menu:

Under the 'baby' header the logo is bleeding onto menu and also is there a way of moving keeping everything in 1 'row'. See screenshot


Screenshot 2023-03-25 at 13.16.20.png

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Hi @Ria2L 

- Problem 1: Logo overlaps the menu

You can do it in the following way

+ Step 1:

view - 2023-03-27T174118.578.png

+ Step 2: Find the theme.css or theme.scss.liquid file and copy this code below the file:

#SiteHeader > > div > div.header-item.header-item--navigation.text-center > ul > > div {

- Problem 2: We think that because the width is not enough, they can't be on the same row. We visited to your storefront and checked, it seems you have hidden those 2 columns.

We hope this can help you solve the issue.


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