Minimal theme - Image gallery using collection - removing price field

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Hi there,


I'm in the process of building my new site and I'd like to add an image gallery to my site showcasing bespoke products I have made for customers, they will not directly be for sale via my site.


I have tried to create a table using the rich text editor butis a little clunky to update so instead I created a 'Bespoke' collection with products that are tagged with 'bespoke', have zero stock and are not available to sell.  I then created a separate 'bespoke' product template to remove the 'add to shopping cart' option.


The issue I now have is that when viewing this collection the price shows as zero, see below:

Shopify (Price).PNG

Is there a way I can remove the price just for products that have a 'bespoke' tag so that when my other collections are viewed the price is still shown like the below:


Shopify (price 2).PNG



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This is an accepted solution.


You can use following tag condition to hide price from some of product who's contains bespoke tag:

1. Go to Online Store->Theme->Edit code
2.  Snippet->product-grid-item.liquid-> Find your price code add put in this condition...


{% assign pro_tag= featured.tags | join:'' %}
    {% if pro_tag  contains 'bespoke' %}
       price not displayed here...
    {% else %}
      price displayed here...
    {% endif %}

Note: This code only work for collection page product. Use same condition for product page in Section->product-template.liquid


On this page replace featured.tags to product.tags 

Let me know if need any help.

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That solves a problem I'd been looking at, where adding a "plain" image gallery seemed to require added-cost apps.


Now while a single app doesn't break the bank, adding them casually all the time sure can and for a small business (, it seems a pain in the neck that Shopify doesn't have a simple built-in image gallery. 


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This type of gallery is available in Minimal theme right?

The section name is GALLERY. It accepts 3 images at present (on desktop it appears horizontally) and in mobile mode it appears vertically (one below one).

How do I make it without white space and also a rolling/sliding type? And make it appear as a horizontal slider even on mobile mode?

Kindly help with this.