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Mobile header section & menu bar (sub menus)

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Hi all,

Hopefully somebody can help.

You will see from the 2 screenshots below that I have the following issues:

  1. On my mobile view ONLY - I cannot see the menu bar (3 lines or the cart) as they are in black font and my menu background is black - how do i make them visible (turn them to white etc) Mobile view only.
  2. The same kind of thing for my drop down menu (sub menus) - they are in white font and the background is white so they are not showing - again how do i make the font visible (change to balck etc) Mobile only.
  3. Finally how do I center the bloody logo lol

Screenshot_20211104-163233_Samsung Internet (002).jpg

Screenshot_20211104-163227_Samsung Internet (002).jpg

Kind regards

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